The girls of BeauVol. Darby, Lady and Ceci


BeauVol's B'Zinger CGC  

Born 11/30/15 Sire: Atengaflu's Anthon-Berg Himself  x Dam: BeauVol's Gisella Enchante'

Ginjer is the smarty-pants of my Picards.  Her favorite thing to do is run (but not run away...) and she's so very treat motivated.  We're learning to do Rally Obedience and she'll be doing that along with continuing her conformation career.

She's a fun "talker" and such a good girl.   We're looking forward to seeing what wonderful things Ginjer will do. She really has a stunning coloring to her coat that makes her so pretty.


UKC CH BeauVol's Salted Caramel   

Born 11/30/15 Sire: Atengaflu's Anthon-Berg Himself  x Dam: BeauVol's Gisella Enchante'

Sadly, Carmen's hips showed signs of serious dysplaysia, so he has since been spayed. She's one of the loves of my life (I have many...) so she'll stay with us and have fun.

One of Carmen's favorite games is to play catch with her discs.  She's been very good at snatching it out of the air since she was 6 month old. All Picards don't love water but this girl does.  Swimming is her thing!  She's starting her Rally Obedience career soon too.


Darby of Double D Ranch was born in Florida

Sadly, Darby was diagnosed with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and will no longer be bred. PRA is a genetic disease that is found in many breeds and that we are finding more in our Picards.  Darby's loss of sight is progressing slowly, but she still loves to play ball and is active going for walks and running along side the bike.  She also loves to go to herding classes and was a great therapy dog.  She loved going to visit people.


Cecelia de Lann Guic

Born April 22, 2007  - Died 2015

Ceci was the sweetest Picard I've ever know!  She wasn't a typical aloof-of-strangers type of Picard because she thought everyone was her friend. She was the best therapy dog and the mother to our beloved Bilbo, her son from her only litter. She will be forever missed.  Cancer is a terrible disease.