BeauVol Berger Picards are raised in home and underfoot!

Our dogs live in our home and a part of our family.  We also believe in a more natural rearing method and care of our dogs to reduce the chemical impact on all of our lives as a healthier way to be.

The Berger Picards are a rustic French sheep herding breed that is as endearing in their scruffy appearance as they are in their personality. They are a very animated breed, who are loving and affectionate and appear to have a big black rubber nose!

About Us

We're Lisa Naert and NJ Royer and we're are located in Bay City, MI. As a small scale breeder, we don't produce puppies often and do health test and show all of the dogs we breed. We have bred Papillons (all are retired now) and have found new love in our Berger Picard breed, which we have owned since 2008.  

Our dogs are shown in conformation and Rally Obedience in AKC and UKC. As a team, we and the dogs are learning to herd sheep and hope to compete.  We are also very proud that we have had registered therapy dogs that visit to cheer people up. You can find more information and more pictures of our dogs through out the website.

Besides our purebred dogs, we also help with rescues.  We also adopted a scruffy little Cairn x Manchester Terrier mix boy named Poppet. Our Picards really enjoy playing with him!

If you're interested in learning more about our dogs and the breed.   Contact us here.

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Beauvol Berger Picards

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Bilbo, Trooper and Ceci ready for a hike.


We have puppies on a limited availability (please see our Available Dog and Pups or Planned Litters pages) and stud service from our dogs to other Berger Picards.

Breed Club Involvement

To be a part of our breed's community, it's important to be involved in breed clubs to support not only the breed, but also fellow members and owners as mentors. As a vehicle for doing this, we are in the process of establishing a non-profit health organization to raise money and concentrate on health issues of the breed. Berger Picard Research Fund

Full voting members in good standing of the AKC Berger Picard parent club, the Berger Picard Club of America. We have agreed to and signed the Breeder's Code of Ethics for the BPCA. 

Lisa is the President and proud member of the Berger Picard Club of the United States, the UKC club for our breed estimonials